The Heartland RaceWalkers  competed on June 24-25th in the National Senior Games in Houston, TX. The weather was hot and humid. All competitors had won medals in their state games.  The 1500-meter race was held at a high school track (35 miles from Houston) that had been upgraded to world-class status in order to be ready for the National Junior Olympics in 2012. The 5K race was on the concrete around the Reliant Arena (4 loops). In an all-too-common goof, they had mis-measured the course and the final distance was probably about 300 meters short, hence the excellent times.Several PR’s were set. Jean Brunnenkant won a Gold Medal in her 5th different age-division (75-79; 80-84; 85-89; 90-94; 95-99)!!  Alan Poisner also won another Gold in a new age-division (70-74; 75-79).

Athlete                          Division             Awards

Jean Brunnenkant          W 95-99            Gold:1500-meters

Tom Young                    M 90-95            Gold:1500-meters

Alan Poisner                  M 75-79            Gold:1500-meters; Gold:5K

Eileen McManus            W 55-59            Silver:1500-meters; Bronze:5K

Fred Adams                  M 75-79            Silver:1500-meters; Bronze:5K

BJ Thornburg                 W 65-69            Bronze:1500-meters; Bronze:5K

MartieDelon                   W 80-84            5th Ribbon:1500-meters

Floyd Delon                   M 80-84            8th Ribbon:1500-meters

Julie Haller                    W 70-74            6th Ribbon:1500-meters; 6th Ribbon:5K

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