Thursday Night in Leawood Park, RRCA certified coaches  Jennfier Ristau and Courtney Foster are going to be leading two new additions to the Kansas City Track Club lineup!

The beginners class will start Thursday, January 31st at 6:15. The class will have a 15 minute chat session and some hands on lessons for new runners to get an overall feeling of how to get out and keep running. Each week the coaches will lead the runners on a path to having a great first time race experience with a weekly running schedule to help get you to a goal race.

Here is a brief overview of the 7 week schedule:

Week One: 1/31
Introductions/Information Sheets/Goals
Week Two: 2/7
Recap One
Running Gear and Warm Up
Week Three: 2/14
Recap Two
Week Four: 2/21
Recap Three
Form Clinic with Dr Thomas Cotter
Week Five: 2/28
Recap Four
Recovery with Dr Thomas Cotter
Week Six: 3/7
Recap Five
Race Preparations/Expectations
Week Seven 3/14
Final Class, Survey
The class will be $10 dollars and you must be a track club member in order to join! If you have any questions, please email with questions. If you are taking the Monday night class you are welcome to also attend this for your a second training night run!
The group run will start at 6:30 and will allow for all distances since it will be on the trails. Group will also meet at Elite Cycle.