Dave Boone

KCR Member Since: 1982

Board Member Since : 1989

Years of Running: 22 years (1981-2012, new hip in 2012 began walking)

Number of Marathons: 7 including Boston

The Best Thing About KCR: We have fun! WNR! Putting on events that support the community and encourage running. The members – particularly the board members

Favorite KCR Event: Brew to Brew

Goal for the Club: #1 Running Support Club in Kansas City, Encourage exercise and joy of running

Favorite Running Quote: “You don’t stop running because you get old, you get old because you stop running” and “Don’t quit”

Accomplishments for the Club: Helped with Brew to Brew for 18 years, President for 6 years, treasurer for 4 years, directed up to 16 races in one year!

Dave Boone