Raul Flores

KCR Member Since: 2005

Board Member Since: 2006

Years I’ve Been Running: 35

Number of Marathons: Over 200, 4 Iron Man Triathlons, 35+ 100 milers, 40+ 50 milers

The Best Thing About KCR: Energy they bring to everything we do!

Favorite KCR Event: Brew to Brew

My Goal for the Club: Create a stronger club that provides support for all runners in the KC community.

Favorite Running Quote: “How do you run 100 miles? One foot in front of the other!”

Accomplishments for the Club: Purchase and maintain race equipment, arches, trailers, storage locker. Creates race registration sites and coordinates finish lines and timing for KCR races. Manages equipment rentals. Co-Director for Brew to Brew.  Certifies courses for KCR races. Support crew for all KCR events, fun runs, special events and fundraisers.

pf chang marathon 2012

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