life begins at the end of your comfort zone

If you have ever met me, you know that I am not shy at all. I can talk to anyone. Some might even say I talk too much! (I am one of those fill-in-awkward-gaps kind of person with rambling). Although I am not afraid of new people, I have always been afraid of trying new things!  Over the past three years I have been on a bittersweet journey to discover myself and become stronger which means I must  step outside my comfort zone.

To jump start my new journey, I signed up for a half marathon! The funny thing was I could barely run down our street. So, how on earth was I going to finish 13.1 miles?

I decided to ignore my comfort zone and join the beginners class in January 2011 with a bunch of people I didn’t know. I showed up for the first class in a pair of old, ill fitting running shoes and bundled in the best running gear I had (lets just say it wasnt much). I started running and did not look back. Since joining, I have been involved in the class every single session and now help to led the group when my children allow my presence!

If I didn’t ignore my fears than I would have never committed myself to running. The club helped me find a group of runners to motivate me and keep me going. I never knew I would have such a passion for running and I couldn’t have been happier for stepping out of my comfort zone into the new me!

Courtney Foster helps lead the ambassadors and is an active member of the KCTC. You can see Courtney some Saturday mornings helping lead the Lee’s Summit group and Monday with the new beginners class or The Well.


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