Fall is in the air. Soon the leaves will be changing, football season will be in full swing and it will be time to go apple picking in hoodies and sweaters. Halloween and Thanksgiving add to the magic of fall with the time to be child like again dressing up and eating candy and then the ability to gather with friends and family to be grateful. Then comes the wonder of winter with its quiet blankets of white snow and the way families and friends gather around the fireplace and eat warm delicious foods and share in each other’s company. December becomes the pinnacle of the winter season with the exciting and colorful lights and decorations, presents wrapped with tremendous care and a chance to focus on family and friends.

These seasons are full of memories and love that we take with us into the New Year, but unfortunately we also take something unintended, an extra 5-10 pounds. Suddenly the candy we ate like a child at Halloween, the plates of Thanksgiving goodness we put away and the sweet and irresistible treats of the holidays have caught up with us and we start the New Year with unintended baggage. There’s a reason that the vast majority of New Year’s resolutions focus on weight loss and exercise.

Fortunately we don’t have to miss out on the delicious joys of the holidays. We can still enjoy the edible treasures of the season (within moderations of course), as long as we stay active. Now sometimes it’s hard to want to be active when it’s cold outside and the sun setting earlier and earlier but staying active will not only help you combat those extra calories you’re bound to eat but it will also give you many great opportunities for quality family time as well. From fun activities such as sledding, ice skating and
playing in the snow to needed activities such as shoveling and chopping wood all burn many calories and can be done as a family.

So this fall and winter don’t let the Holiday food send you into next year with extra baggage. Do something about it. Be active and enjoy outside activities despite the cooler weather.

This blog post was submitted by Brad McCleary, an ambassador for the track club. You can see Brad around town helping people get motivated to get their goals in order and train them to achieve dreams!