In my line of work I often hear, “You’re so inspiring.” I hear it being told to others and have it told to me. I find myself thinking, “I’m NO inspiration. I know so many others that are more inspiring to me.”

Being a part of the KCTC I’ve had the opportunity to see many types of runners and get to know them thru their stories of running. I just wanted to share what I saw in a recent Monday night group run at Ward Parkway, where most runners are new runners aspiring to be great runners.

One evening, I saw one of our regular ladies, normally a walker, RUNNING! She was so excited to have another gal on her same level. Both ladies said it was alright if I ran along with them. They apologized for not being fast, or running the whole time. I told them they never needed to apologize for their accomplishments. Anyway… they set small distance goals and met each one, out of breath, yet with excitement. They would ask me for advice and where their next goals should be. They kept on going!! One of the ladies was so excited, she wanted to take on the hills! RUNNING!

The pride they showed got me excited for them! It was very sweet. Each of their short goals became longer on the return. They were so funny when they finished & realized they had gone 3.38 miles. Again, they apologized for not being fast. I told them there was no race & that they were faster than those not doing anything. They asked me if I would cheer them on and help them set goals the next week. They said I was motivating & inspiring. I don’t think they realize that they were exactly the same for me.

Having a couple of injuries & taking it very slowly the past 4 weeks has been torturous for me, but that night felt amazing! How could it not with such beautiful weather and wonderful people…

My point in this I think, is to remind you there are so many wonderful stories out there among our KCTC runners and walkers. I hope you’ll take some time from your running and training schedules to help out your fellow runners. If you do, you just may find yourself INSPIRED!


This post was written by ambassador Dianna Villigan. She works for Weight Watchers and is involved with New Beginners Class. She can be seen running with the Liberty Running Group on Saturdays if she is not out running or volunteering at a race!

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