Gribbles Running Store at Ward Parkway
8600 Ward Parkway
(816) 363-4800

We get to return to Garry Gribbles’ Running Sports at Ward Parkway tonight. We will get a chance to try out some new Saucony shoes if we choose to. Bring your usual side dish. Gribbles will supply the main dish for us. Also, we will get to participate in a contest to win a free pair of Saucony shoes.

1) Shoe Giveaway! Before the run, Kerry (our Saucony rep) will hide an “I’m with Amazing” photo prop along the run route. First person to find the prop and grabs it wins a free pair of Freedoms (or other shoe that works for the winner)
2) We will have a snapchat filter for people to use before and after the run at the store
3) There will be a “I’m Amazing Because…” whiteboard that people can write on about what makes them amazing.
4) Anyone who buys a pair of Saucony shoes during the event gets the limited edition water bottle (limit to 10).

Sooo, bring your side dish, as usual, tonight, and be ready for some fun at Gribbles Running Sports at Ward Parkway Center.