To the outside world, running seems like a solitary sport. However, most runners will tell you that there’s a tribe with them training, pushing, and supporting. At least, that’s what you get when you’re a member of The Kansas City Track Club community.


Founded in 1976 by David Biersmith, Jim McAllister, Jack H Whitaker, and Jimmy Lee Burgess, The Kansas City Track Club has been a cornerstone of running in KC for over 42 years. After visiting Boston and seeing the work of the BAA (Boston Athletic Association) and the success of their group, David and friends decided to start a running club in Kansas City.

The newly formed club grew to be the second largest RRCA club in the nation, behind Atlanta. As a growing group, they were pioneers in the digital scoring of events. In fact, in the beginning they had an Apple desktop at the finish line with a long extension cord going back to their office.


The notoriety of the club grew as members achieved unbelievable feats. Some notable alumni include:
·       Charlie Gray who won the Seattle Marathon
·       Ron Tabb, a 2:08 marathoner
·       Karon Fitts, an Olympic Qualifier
·       Pat Clancy, a top 15 finisher in the Boston Marathon
·       Mark Curp, a ½ marathon world record holder for 10 years
As the club evolved, it founded/created numerous runs throughout the Kansas City Metro area such as: KC Marathon, Westport St. Patrick’s Day Run, Groundhog, Trolley Run, Turkey Twosome, and the Broadway Bridge run for Police to name a few. In fact, the club sponsored the most famous run in the history of running, inside the U.S. Penitentiary in Leavenworth.


Today, the Club honors its rich history by continuing many of the traditions created by the founders in the 70s and 80s. The Westport St Patrick’s Day Run began in 1979 and continues to this day. Since 1981 you can find members on Wednesday evenings, meeting for a group run and potluck dinner.

The group has continued to evolve to keep up with the changing landscape in Kansas City. Brew to Brew began in 1995 and remains the largest run of the year. It continues to grow as the city becomes a hub for craft breweries. In 1997 The Kansas City Track Club started hosting the Cliff Hanger Run to ensure that the scenic route that started in 1985 would continue to draw families to the historic Northeast.

While many people in the city are just familiar with the races hosted by KCTC, there is more than meets the eye. The group truly does function as a club, offering many group runs, a racing team, training programs, and youth outreach opportunities. When you commit to the club, you’re joining a community.


Moving into the future often requires a glimpse into the past. It’s in this spirit of growth and innovation that the Kansas City Track Club is proud to debut their new logo and a return to their original incorporated name, The Kansas City Running Club.
With the big change, the club is not completely abandoning the KCTC name, but instead repurposing it for a brand new track program. The new branding incorporates the boldness of the history, the skyline of the city we love, and the bright future.