Emily Neuwohner

KCR Member Since: 2017

Board Member Since: 2017

Years of Running: 20

Number of Marathons:   😊  I’ve done lots of ½ Marathons!!

The Best Thing About KCR: All the fun activities that promote running, meeting new people, and having fun!

Favorite KCR Event: Brew to Brew .  It’s the only run of its kind and is always a day of running and “funning” with friends.  The after party is great too!

Goal for the Club: My goal for the club is to be the largest non-profit running club in Kansas City without losing our focus on promoting running in the community. 

Favorite Running Quote: You’re only one run away from a good mood

Accomplishments for the Club: As the Membership Coordinator, I am responsible for sending out new member welcome packets and t-shirts.  I enjoy being the first impression people have as they join the club.  I hope everyone feels like they joined a running experience – not just a running club.