Welcome to our website of all things running in the KC metro area and beyond. Check out our many group runs in the area as well as events on our calendar.


To create a positive, inclusive, running community for beginner, casual and competitive runners.


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                RRCA Certified Coach Certification Class 2019

                September 21-22, 2019 | 8am-5pmHy-Vee Arena, 1800 Genessee Street, Kansas City, MO 64102Limited Class Size - Get Registered ASAP!  This is the ONLY RRCA Coach Certification Class in Kansas City this year so get registered ASAP so you don't miss out!!  Course informationThe goal of the...

                KCTC Drinking Fountain is ON!

                It's April and must be getting warmer here in Kansas City! The KC Running Club, with the help of our wonderful Raul Flores, has turned on the drinking fountain! Located on the northeast corner, right off of the Trolley Trail at 79th and Brookside Bvld.

                Track Training 2019

                Walter Clark

                Meet Walter Clark         Below is my story of how I find myself training for my 2nd Boston Marathon. I didn’t grow up running and I didn’t run in high school or college. Running, for me, started as something to get in better shape during my senior year in college and progressed from...

                Historic Club Returns To Its Roots

                To the outside world, running seems like a solitary sport. However, most runners will tell you that there’s a tribe with them training, pushing, and supporting. At least, that’s what you get when you’re a member of The Kansas City Track Club community. A BRIEF HISTORY Founded in 1976 by David...
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