Ten years ago today the KC running community and the KCTC Board lost Don Welsh, a valuable and dedicated person to running. For those of you who never knew Don, he worked hundreds of races as the club’s finish line and timing expert, when manual timing was used.  Like Lou Joline and Dave Boone, Don would remain calm regardless of the problems before, during or after a race.  He made races fun for all working with him.  Don’s goal was to always provide the best, most accurate and fair race possible.  The Kansas City Track Club continues to do that today.  Don worked very hard for the KCTC and his drive was to “give back” to running,  which was so important to him. Don died at age 62 while running on the Indian Creek Trail.  The bench with his memorial plaque, provided by the KCTC, is located at the intersection of the Indian Creek Trail and Tomahawk Creek Trail in Leawood. It is within 100 yards of where Don took his last stride.   Dan
Dan bench dan plaque
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