As we dig into the KCTC Summer Racing Series, we thought we’d give you a quick recap on the Spring Series …just in case you missed out. The Spring Series consisted of 8 fun events across Kansas City. Each participant was required to participate (whether running or volunteering) in at least 3 of the 8 events. Though many submitted entry into the Series, only six survived. To the victor go the spoils. Each of our champions received: a free entry into a future race, a free piece of KCTC logo apparel, a running hat, mug, and a few novelty items. Congratulations to Sarah Farsace, Kristin Grimmett, Joel Grimmett, Jill Coffey, Janet Dye, and Drew Henson! To see the final standings, click here.

Want to know the best part? The Series was FREE! Now I realize that some people like to pay entry fees for races and spend lots of money on running apparel. The more sensible crowd prefers to get all of these for free. So if you’re a practical, logical, mentally sound person, be sure to sign up for the Summer Racing Series! Even if you’ve already participated in the first Series event (Hospital Hill), you can still sign up and get credit for your participation in that event.  There are 8 more left in the season and you must participate in a total of 3. You owe it to yourself and your pocketbook to check it out. All I am saying is give the KCTC Summer Racing Series a chance.

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