Many members ask us for the history of KCTC so we thought you would enjoy reading the history of Monday Night Run

20 yrs ago in 1994, Mark Lidman, Brian Butcher & Bob Cook started running on Mon nights from Gribbles Ward Pkwy running to Loose Park and back for 9-10 mi. After returning to GGRS they would change clothes and retreat to 75th St Brewery to eat and reload valuable liquid carbohydrates. In May 2003 MNR moved to Metro Walk/ Run at 75th & Wornall where they could run on the Trolley Trail & were within crawling distance of the Brewery. A few years later Metro closed & MNR moved back to GGRS for a few more years. Attendance was dropping so Nancy tried having everyone meet in the parking lot behind 75th St Brewery. After many weeks of very few runners showing up, Ben Holmes suggested moving to The Well. Nancy negotiated a discount and free appetizers at The Well and the group run grew over the weeks and attracted many new runners. Ben led the group for a couple of months and then moved to Lawrence at which time Raul and Nancy led. After about a year, The Well became less desirable and the group moved to the Brooksider until it closed.  Charlie Hooper’s  where it presently meets. Tom Cotter negotiated the discounts at Charlie Hoopers. Lou Joline is the longest standing member of the MNR having run with them in the early years and still shows up at the Charlie Hoopers most weeks after this beginnning runners class.

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