Two new groceries are in the planning stages-a Whole Foods Market at 51st & Oak and a Hen House at 77th & Wornall at the site of the Bingham School. They both want to cut driveways through the Trolley Trail to Brookside and Wornall. KCTC along with BikeWalkKC, neighborhood groups and boulevard preservationist don’t want this to happen. Driveways will create more conflicts between cars and trail users in a trail that we believe has plenty of roads crossing it now.

If you would like to keep the Trolley Trail whole, you can help–a lot–by writing a letter and sending it to: KCATA Board of Commissioners and another letter to the General Manager, Mark Huffer at: 1200 E. 18th Street, Kansas City, Mo., 64108 Here is a sample letter sent by the KCTC. You may use it or customize it as you wish. Customized letters get more attention.

While you’re at it, it only takes a minute to e-mail your KCMO council in Districts 4 and 6 and voice your opinion. Districts 4 and 6 are where the Trolley Trail passes through. Find their contact info at the link above. Snail mail is effective too.

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