Out of Town Buddy System

Are you coming to Kansas City and need to find a running buddy to do a local race with, help accomplish a long run or just have someone to show you where an event is? KCTC has a program to help you out and give our members the chance to meet new friends from all over the world!

We have started a new program called The Buddy System. The Buddy System offers out-of-town runners a “buddy” during their race weekend here in town or connects them with someone to do a run with while here in the Kansas City area.

How does this system work? It can be one of the following, or all depending on what our out-of-town friends are looking for!

  • Get matched  up with a local , active member to help them get their race or to get your daily run in with!
  • Help runners find a race location or jog the course with you prior to the race.
  • Offer advice on where to eat, stay, shop or whatever they need while in town.

If you are interested in participating in this as a buddy or you are from out of town, contact Bill Smith at billsmith@exoeng.com

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