Jennifer Ristau

KCR Member Since: 2008

Board Member Since: 2009

Years of Running: 10 years

Number of Marathons: 6 marathons 18 Half marathons

The Best Thing About KCR: The best thing about KCR (KCTC) is the passion and devotion to promoting running and good health. I also love how there is no judgement and no discrimination on events, group runs etc…

Favorite KCR Event: Cliff Hanger run and St. Pats

Goal for the Club: To promote and encourage runners in the community to be the best they can and get moving!

Favorite Running Quote: Running is cheaper than therapy.

Accomplishments for the Club: Kids program, Group Runs, Contributions made to various charities, Continued support and motivation to all runners in the KC area, Wonderful Board members who keep it together and running

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