The Monday Night Running/Walking group is always inspiring and some of the stories are just too great not to share! Karen Owens started Lou’s class last year. She found out about the class through the Weight Watchers Walk It 5K. She felt like she did not really have a good foundation for running and thought it would be an opportunity for her to learn good fundamentals. Karen has come to  really enjoy the group and sees progress every week. After already completing one ten-week session, she keeps coming back for more!

(Karen Before Picture, bottom left corner)

Before getting healthy, Karen was 115 pounds heavier than she is today. Having  developed some health issues (high blood pressure, hypertension) the doctor continually warned her about the consequences of her weight. She finally realized she needed to take better care of her health to have a better quality of life. With a combination of Weight Watchers (doctor recommended), 24 Hour Fitness classes (Body Pump, Boot camp, Cycling, TRX Suspension Training), and studying martial arts, Karen began her weight loss journey. Running came as a natural progression to wanting to better her health and workout!

(After pic, with her old pants!)

Karen realized that her eating and exercise has truly become a lifestyle change! She now enjoys working out and it is not hard for her to avoid the bad foods that made her overweight. In the end, she believes, it’s all about making the healthy choices in eating and exercising.


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