Sometimes all we need is a little motivation to get us going in the right direction. Maybe its seeing an old pic, some new shoes, maybe its a trip to lululemon, an inspirational quote or its a watch that keeps track of your training!

Running Gadgets

I recently purchased the Forerunner 610 and I love having the ability to see my heart rate, get my calories burned asap and have a pace measure on my hand right at that moment! The watch has it quirks and its pretty bulky but it really has helped to keep me motivated and track my habits. I still use my iPhone to log my miles through Nike Plus until Garmin Connect gets an updated interface!

Another love is my fitbit! I have had the fitbit for years, but never manage to use it consistently. I need to and plan to use it the next couple of months to see if I am getting as active as I need to be each day! It really is a great monitor for that and I love the fitbit for a several reasons! The best customer service ever and the website and food log is amazing!

Hotter Than Hades Virtual 13.1 Run

My favorite running shorts are from lululemon always keep me on the go! I recommend you find a quality long lasting product for running that you love!


Lastly I always remember this, sometimes we have to look within to just get out the door!

What are some of your favorite products that help to push you out the door on days where you just don’t want to run?

Courtney Foster helps lead the ambassadors and is an active member of the KCTC. You can see Courtney some Saturday mornings helping lead the Lee’s Summit group and Monday with the new beginners class or The Well.

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