I wish I could be all “technical” here about running, about form, times, splits, speed work, etc., etc., but I cannot. I’m not THAT type of runner. What I am is a visual runner. I see things differently in my runs each time. I hope that rings true for each runner and walker out there. When I really started running outside, I noticed all of the things that were so unusual about the usual. When you pass by places in a car, you never really SEE those places. When runners concentrate on their paces, heart rates, mileage, form, the beauty of the run may sometimes be lost. Maybe not, I could be wrong; it’s been known to happen.

My hope for every runner, walker & cyclist out there is that the everyday beauty of our surroundings be fully appreciated. The way the flowers blow in the wind, the way the hot air from a car feels as they race by, the way the smell off the lake is intoxicating sometimes, the way the sun feels against the skin, the sound the feet make as they hit the ground. Those things are all things I pay attention to as I run. I also pay attention to my pace patterns as the music thumps in my ears. I feel a great release from all of the stressful and ordinary things in life. That is WHY I run.

Every runner out there has a different mission, if you will. But I do hope that on one of the runs, the mission is pure appreciation for the great things your mind, body and soul are accomplishing. Take time to smell the roses seems really very blasé, doesn’t it… if you do though, be sure to take it in, tell someone else about what you experience. Be sure to wholly enjoy each run. Happy running y’all!

This post was written by ambassador Dianna Villigan. She works for Weight Watchers and is involved with New Beginners Class. She can be seen running with the Liberty Running Group on Saturdays if she is not out running or volunteering at a race!

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