I don’t really race (much), I’m not all that concerned about times or pace (except how they relate to my heart rate). I log miles, watch my heart rate and run/walk in intervals.

It started about 3 years ago, I was 38 years old and very out of shape, and a smoker. I quit smoking, started moving (most importantly, off the couch), even got into a few races. Now, I’ve lost some weight (could be more, but hey, I like to eat), and I am proud to be an ambassador for the track club. I’m not an ambassador because I win races or can run 100 miles nonstop, I’m here because I love running, the way it makes me feel, and the strength it gives me.

I think there are misconceptions out there about running, believe it or not, it does NOT have to be done as fast as you can go. Matter of fact, some of the biggest gains can be found at low intensity levels. I do love to share my techniques and training methods with anyone who will listen. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come and run with me, we can run, walk, and discuss black hole gravity, string theory, lactate threshold, anaerobic threshold and how at least 50% of those pertain to our running.

So, if you are out there lurking in the shadowy corner of the internet reading our blog and wondering if you can do this running thing, the answer is YES YOU CAN, and we would love to help you get started! You don’t ever have to be a speed demon you just have to willing to get up off the couch!

Scott McKiddy is a Kansas City Track Club Ambassador who also has a busy job fighting fires! You can see Scott on Saturday mornings helping lead the Liberty Group Run!

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